Products & Services
Bolts and hardware
Drill bits and taps
Small screws
Definitions and Specs

All Thread Rod

Auger bits (Magbit)

Anchor bolts ( "L" anchors)

Carriage bolts  (square neck only)

Concrete screws (blue hex head)

Copper flat bar and insulators -  Copper can be drilled, bent or plated to your specifications

Copper ground bars (preformed and drilled in various amperage ratings)

Custom fabrication (send us your specs and drawings and we can have it made)

Cutting oil

Domestic and Buy America approved hardware upon request

Drill bits  (high speed , cobalt , stubby , SDS+)

Drop in Anchors 

Drywall Screws   

EZ anchors (zip it anchors)

7 point racks (M&W Electric Mfg Co)

Fish paper

Fixture chain and accessories 

Floor flanges, pipe caps & pipe plugs

Hammer drive anchor (pin bolt)

Hex bolts, hex nuts, flat washers, lock washers, fender washers

High speed drill bits

Hole saws  (Magbit)

Insulating boards   

Lead anchors

Machine screws

Metric items available upon request in zinc and stainless steel
Polypropylene pull rope 

Self drilling screws (drill point tek screws)

Self tapping screws (sharp point sheet metal screws)

Spray paint

Steel angle, channel & plate

Tamperproof ® screws 

Tapping fluids
Tie wire  

Toggle bolts

Transformer pads

U Bolts & J bolts  (custom made sizes available)

Wedge anchors 

Wiper rags